Event Photographer in Barcelona: My Wild and Wet Adventure

As an event photographer in Barcelona, I often find myself in some pretty exciting situations, but nothing quite prepared me for the adventure I had with Equinox at the French Cup regatta on May 24th. Equinox, a top media outlet serving the French community in Barcelona, hired me to capture their boat in action during this thrilling event. Spoiler alert: it was a wild ride!

Sailboats during a regatta in Barcelona. Shot by the event photographer Monteli Photography

The French Cup is not just any regatta; it’s a celebration of community, sportsmanship, and charity, with proceeds going to the association Les Bureaux du Coeur. Picture this: passionate sailors, enthusiastic supporters, and the stunning backdrop of Barcelona’s coastline. Sounds idyllic, right? Well, add in a photographer (yours truly) trying to stay afloat while capturing the perfect shot, and you’ve got an adventure!

Equinox tasked me with getting the best possible photos of their boat to share on their website and social media. No pressure! From the crack of dawn, I was in the thick of it, snapping away at the pre-race preparations. The buzz in the air was contagious, and I was pumped to be part of such a meaningful event.

The Equinox team getting ready for the regatta in Barcelona. Shot by the event photographer Monteli Photography

Now, here comes the fun part. To get those action-packed shots, I was taken out on a zodiac – a small, speedy boat. Imagine this: me, camera in hand, slaloming around majestic sailboats, hanging on for dear life as we bounced over waves. Every jolt had me praying I wouldn’t end up in the water or worse, that my precious camera wouldn’t take a dive.

I was soaked, shaken, and trying to steady myself enough to snap clear shots. It was like trying to balance on a tightrope while juggling flaming torches – thrilling but terrifying! The zodiac zigzagged around the racing boats, giving me some killer angles but also testing my limits. I couldn’t help but laugh at the absurdity of it all – there I was, a photographer on a wild ride, doing my best to avoid becoming fish food.

The Equinox team, driving the boat out of Barcelona's port. Shot by the event photographer Monteli Photography

Despite the challenges (and the saltwater in my face), I managed to capture some amazing shots. The Equinox boat slicing through the waves, the crew working in perfect harmony, the sheer excitement of the race – it was all there. These images not only showcased the competitive spirit of the regatta but also the teamwork and dedication of the Equinox team.

The best part? Seeing Equinox share my photos across their platforms and getting fantastic feedback from their audience. It made every wave-slammed moment worth it.

Sailboats during a regatta in Barcelona. Shot by the event photographer Monteli Photography

Being an event photographer in Barcelona is never dull, and this experience with Equinox at the French Cup is (water)proof. Whether it’s corporate events, cultural celebrations, or high-speed regattas, I’m here to capture it all with a smile (and maybe a life jacket).

If you’re looking for a dedicated and slightly adventurous event photographer in Barcelona, who can handle anything from high seas to high heels, give me a shout. I am up and ready to photograph the America’s Cup! Let’s create some unforgettable images together!

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